Your 5th amazing win is proof that dreams do come true!

At NEAS, we make dreams come true too, for the thousands of homeless cats and dogs we rescue every year from all across America. In this video, two recently arrived puppies show off their football skills and adorable cuteness in this Puppy Bowl Skills Competition. Layla and Zeplin came from Georgia, and we think they were once Atlanta Falcons fans. Now that they are living in New England, they are big Patriots fans! While waiting for the perfect family to adopt them, we held a competition to see who had the best football skills. We were told that Layla’s and Zeplin’s tricky moves inspired the Patriots to win the Super Bowl (wink 😜)! We hope you enjoy these adorable puppies play, and laugh with the funny football commentary. Aside from the Patriot’s amazing win, we have other good news – both puppies have already been adopted!

Thank you to Jess Burton for his professional commentary, and thank you to Linda Hartsough for her video photography and editing skils. Both Jess and Linda are volunteers at Northeast Animal Shelter. Linda takes all the wonderful videos you see on our available pet pages. Jess is looking for work in sport broadcasting.

Music: The Great Parade by Jay Mann at