Reggie, the bird watcher!

We met Reggie a month ago and knew he was the perfect fit for us and our family. He loves to snuggle with us and play with his toys. He likes to take walks in the woods and quiet places and has met a few new “doggy” friends. He does love to bird watch, LOL!… Read more »

Tallulah – our Georgia Peach

Tallulah Peaches (formerly Ginger) was adopted in early May and we ADORE our sweet little Georgia peach. Initially described as ‘fractious’ (and admittedly, she still earns that moniker when it comes time to get her in her carrier!), this is a kitty who now loves to curl up on laps in the daytime and under… Read more »

Georgia enjoying a dog-day afternoon

It’s been about 6 months with this love bug and I don’t know who saved who more. Georgia (previously known as Harper Noel) took a long time to get adjusted to trusting and being playful. Now she runs around with her Boxer friend Sullivan, chews on her favorite toys, goes on hikes, and takes rides… Read more »

Timmy – black and white and furry all over

Timmy (formerly Julian) has settled in well with his new family.  He has bonded with his new sister Polly and is trying his best to be buds with new brother Oliver! Oliver likes it best when Timmy is calm and quiet but that doesn’t last long! We think in time they will be great friends! His… Read more »

Daenerys Targaryen… or Dany

We adopted Dany, formerly Oreo, about one month ago. She has quickly become an important part of our family and goes just about everywhere with us. She loves walking through Davis square with her new family and stopping at the local establishments for a refreshing bowl of water. Although we don’t move very fast because… Read more »

Luna – her magical bark makes her food wish come true

Luna (formerly known as Lark) has been a wonderful addition to our home. From the first night she was a great sleeper and even better cuddler. She loves chewing on toys, dandelions, and barking at her food bowl in hopes it will magically descend from the counter. She is learning how to not be scared… Read more »

Bailey & Brindi – always at the center of attention

In late March we adopted our wonderful Bailey (previously Kali) and we couldn’t be happier with our little nugget! We had been looking for a companion for our 2 year old rescue pup Brindi for a couple of weeks when I happened to stumble upon Bailey on my day off while browsing the internet. Brindi… Read more »

Sadie Belle plays fetch by her own rules

We had added Sadie (used to be named Lyra Erso) into the family during the month of February, but we have recently come across this “love story” page. Before adding Sadie into the family, we had a dog we have gotten from NEAS before named Gus who is now 7 years old, and she has… Read more »