Buzz the sock thief!

We adopted Buzz back in February and he is now almost 6 months old. He has quite a personality and he and his older sister are inseparable. Our love for him grows day by day, even though he is constantly stealing my socks!

Dexter loves his new life!

“Billy” is doing fantastic.  Now known as Dexter,  he made himself quite at home from day one.  He had a good first checkup at the vet and is going back for shots in a a week.  We are doing really well with crate and potty training, while working on “sit” and “down”.  He has a… Read more »

Frank and his valentine’s bowtie

Frank (previously called Thor) is doing so well! He’s settling in nicely. He loves lounging on the couch and cuddling up with us. He is great with other dogs but goes absolutely nuts until he gets to play with them! Overall, he’s doing great! This is him with his valentine’s bowtie on! Thank you for… Read more »

Sally chose her mom that day

Sally is such a lil love bug!! I did not have any intentions of getting a female cat the day I adopted her. I’ve  had boys over the past 15 years, and I always found them more affectionate than females. I had females growing up and they loved my dad and my brother. Me not… Read more »

Finn and Francesca sittin’ in a tree!

Punkin is doing fantastic. His new name is Finn. He is adjusting well to his new home, he loves his new fur-sister, Francesca! They love each other and play all day. Finn is eating and sleeping great, he loves to snuggle in bed with Francesca, and is a very healthy boy.  The experience I had… Read more »

Callie is a beauty

Callie (formerly named Maggie) has been a wonderful addition to our family and she’s settling in nicely. When we changed her name to Callie and she started to answer to it almost immediately. 🙂  We had our first visit to the vet last week and everyone fell in love with her while we were there –… Read more »

Biscuit is irresistible

Biscuit is doing fabulously well!!  He has settled in, seems comfortable in the house as a whole  and is eating and sleeping well. We LOVE him – he’s an amazingly friendly, happy kitten. We couldn’t be happier. A big adjustment in the household is that our cat Smoot, 6 years old, was not thrilled with… Read more »

Sir Brutus is full of purrs!

Sir Brutus is doing GREAT!!!! We are actually shocked to how well he has adjusted. That night we came home with him he was exploring the family room within 10 minutes of being there. Even crawled into a basket and let me pat his head. We moved him upstairs to the office after that first night… Read more »

Teddy wants a brother or sister!

Teddy is doing incredibly well!! Everyday we love him more and more! That is par for the course being animal lovers.  My husband and I moved to Winthrop to a bigger place, with a huge backyard for Teddy to run around and we are a block from the beach, he loves when we walk there!… Read more »

Pass the cheese please!

Nico is the greatest addition to our home we could have imagined. He is the sweetest dog, even with new people and animals, and he always wants to play and go on adventures. He’s a little spoiled with fancy treats but his favorite thing is cheese. He is learning all the basics (he got sit… Read more »