Chester & Littermate Love ❤️

My dog Chester is one of the ten puppies from Sally’s litter. Sally was a “Collie mix” rescued from Georgia. We have met up with two of his brothers, Atticus (formerly Cornelius) and Milo (formerly Henry.) They played wonderfully together for hours. It was probably the most adorable moments of my life. I’m so glad… Read more »

Nala, our very own Lion King

Nala is very good behaved puppy. We have been doing training on using the bathroom outside and not inside, and she is doing very good. She is a happy dog and we are best friends!! You guys are a great shelter I’m so glad I adopted her from you! 

Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody loves our new family member, Raymond! I’ve never had a pup, just dogs 1 year and up, so this is an experience to say the least. He’s very healthy and happy and so are we. Ray already has friends next door that he plays with, and he gets along great with them. We’re very happy… Read more »

Max and Thor

Max and Stripes (now called Thor) are getting along great.  Thor is the best cat and Max is a love.  Max is great with other dogs too.  We are so happy with our two adoptions.

There’s Something About Mary – on a Wednesday

I’m delighted to have a chance to gush about my little girl. Mary has adjusted very well here and is purring on my lap as I type. She eats well and is not fussy about her food and now weighs 6.6 pounds. She never fails to uses the litter box. For the most part Mary… Read more »

Margaret’s meows mean “bon appétit”!

Mystic is now known as Margaret, and she is an extremely good girl. She plays with her big brothers, Horatio and Leonardo.  She’s very much their leader! Margaret snuggles a lot, and likes to play teddy bear. She keeps me on my toes.  If I take too long fixing the Cats’ yum yum, Margaret, as… Read more »

Timmy is a good listener

Hi, Timmy adopted us just 2 weeks ago and instantly made our house his own. He is such a sweet and happy pup. He loves to run around the back yard and play with his soccer ball and “chase” the tiny moths that hide in the grass…lol. He loves to try to steal our shoes… Read more »

From Pria to Mia

Pria (now Mia) is doing fantastic! She sleeps through the night and loves her treats! She is a very fast learner and loves to go for rides in the car! She loves to play with other dogs and gets super excited whenever she gets some hugs and kisses from people around her. She’s getting along… Read more »

Diesel is Mr. Personality

Little Diesel is doing great!!! He’s found a great home and he’s very spoiled. Ha ha. He has such a great personality. He’s very protective of his personal space with dogs that have come over, but hasn’t done anything but bark. More like territorial. It’s ok, we are working with him on that. We are… Read more »

Figaro Figaro Figaro

We adopted Figaro this August and we love having him as part of our family! Figaro is playful, kind, and full of energy! In his spare time he enjoys playing with his toy mouses and cuddling with family. We are very impressed with Northeast Animal Shelter. Thank you for introducing us to Figaro – our… Read more »