Zoey the escape artist

First I have to say that we LOVE Zoey. We kept her name because we just think it suits her. She is adjusting very well to everyone here and any of our guests we have had. She is just a little love bug. After the first day she started eating just fine, she needed our… Read more »

Pancake chose us as much as we chose her.

Dear Northeast Animal Shelter (especially Sue), When I walked into the shelter I really had no idea what dog, if any, I would be leaving with. My fiancé was at work in Cambridge, and since I had the day off, I figured I’d use this opportunity to be at the shelter as soon as it… Read more »

Our Jessie is the best dog in the world

We adopted Jessie (originally Bailey) on May 26, 2016. She has grown from a silly puppy into the best dog in the world (at least in our opinion!). This little girl who originally came from Georgia loves the snow and is happiest when she has a hole to dig or squirrel to chase. She has… Read more »

Gemma – our little gem

Hi all! I couldn’t resist an update on Gemma (formerly Lovey). My husband and I adopted our little black cat from Salem in October 2017 and when we met her, she was feisty and full of energy at 9 months old. Now, a few months later, she’s still very feisty and very playful, but also… Read more »

Oscar wins an Oscar

On our way home from the Shelter back to Maine, we gave our new pet a new name – Oscar.  He is 21 pounds of absolute delight, so full of joy and happiness! He is loved by all who meet him, friends, aunts and uncles, grandchildren, and grand dogs. In simple terms, Oscar has won… Read more »

Nothing is sweeter than Honey

Spring – now renamed Honey – is great both kids are enjoying her energetic puppy ways … and of course she’s sleeping in a few different beds … depending on who’s behavior earns this reward! Thanks again for all your assistance and happy to post our Love Story with pleasure.

Mitzi likes to smell the bacon

My wife and I adopted Minty (now Mitzi) last month and she has been an adoring kitty! 😃  She loves to play and look out the window and has her moment when she just wants to sit on your lap and be petted. She seems to have a great fascination for “people” food and constantly wants… Read more »

Triggerman ❤️

What was supposed to be a quick visit to just “look” turned into our adopting a sweet border collie mix guy! His name at the shelter was Trigger.  We were going to change it but it just stuck. We like to call him “Triggeman.” After doing some research, I got in contact with Trigger’s foster… Read more »