Barney (formerly Ranger) is Perfect!! He is sweet, playful, funny and very smart. He sleeps like a baby and loves to eat and has absolutely no food aggression issues. Barney has already started dog training classes and he has mastered-sit, stay, both paws, down and fetch and loves to go for walks and he walks… Read more »

Our Teddy Bear sleeps like a log and eats like a pig!

Teddy (formerly Chandler) is adjusting to his new lifestyle.  He sleeps like a log and eats like a pig so no issues there!  He’s learned a lot of commands and has been housebroken since day 1 so we’re pleased with that part of his progress.  He loves people watching and has to meet every single… Read more »

Prudence bonds with her new brother

Our kitten is doing wonderful! We changed her name from Quail to Prudence, but we call her “Prudie” most of the time. She has been such a joy. She is incredibly energetic, sweet, and playful. She loves her big brother Malcolm – a 1 1/2-year-old black & white cat.  Prudie is the smaller gray cat… Read more »

Molly – Mascot of the Molly Lovers Club

Molly is the BEST.  She was miraculously house broken upon arrival; that was awesome.  She now barks less times than I can count on one hand.  At first Molly was too afraid to walk on the sidewalk and I had to carry her to the woods for walks, and she lived with a lowered head.  But after… Read more »

Hazel & Stella, Fast Friends

We are having so much fun with Stella (on the right in the picture).  She is such a joy and full of love.  She can not simply get enough hugs and kisses.  She is doing  wonderful with her manners and learning all her commands. She is extremely good off leash and follows her big sister… Read more »

Much more than an average Guy

Guy is getting used to our quiet house and routines and really becoming a great dog. He learns really quickly and is trying hard. Twyla is being a very good teacher on how to be calm and friendly. Our neighbors are helping to teach him that strangers and strange dogs are not to be feared. … Read more »


Wilfred (formerly Cinnamon) is amazing! He weighs 25 pounds; he was 16 two weeks ago so he’s growing fast!. He has a wonderful temperament  and loves to play. He seems to never want to leave my side and even sleeps next to me in bed every night. 

Aquinnah … Life’s a Beach!

Fae’s new name is Aquinnah (Quinn), named after my and my boyfriend’s favorite beach in Martha’s Vineyard. She loves my family, goes on walks daily in Breakheart with my mother and occasionally trips to the dog park for some fun. She plays very well with other dogs and loves her friends at the dog park…. Read more »

Marshy – if there is a lap, she’s on it!

Serenity is now named Marshy after the small but feisty bruins player brad Marchand.  She is doing great! She is so good and sleeps in her own bed every night. She eats like a horse and has gained nearly 2 lbs but the vet says feed her as much as she wants to eat until… Read more »