A Note from Digs

“They used to call me Cocoa because I’m the color of hot chocolate, but my new family changed my name to Diggle.  They call me Digs for short.  I bet you can’t guess why. I’m a local guy, but just by chance.  My Mom came from Georgia, and when she arrived at NEAS they discovered she… Read more »

Cooper Casey

Cooper picked us out on a spontaneous visit to NEAS on Saturday, June 3rd. It was supposed to be a trial run for a larger Rescue Animal event the next day in RI to see what type of dog would be the best. Well, we never made it past Cooper for very good reasons. His… Read more »


Spooky (formerly Smoke) has settled in quite nicely with our family! In fact, my son was dancing with her this morning before school! We love her lots and she is thriving.  Spooky comes from Macon, GA.  When I looked at her rabies certificate, I noticed the GA vet clinic that gave her the rabies shot… Read more »

Dakota chose her bed, and it wasn’t in her crate

Rhyan (now Dakota) is such a love!!  She made fast friends with our 5 year old dog Lexi.  After 3 nights in a crate she let us know she wasn’t having it.  She has since slept in my daughter’s bed – Lexi is now sleeping in her bed too lol.  She’s a smart little pup. … Read more »


I didn’t go into the shelter and pick Nemo (previously Vulcan).  When I walked into that room, he picked me. Of all the cats in the shelter, I knew instantly this was going to be my little kitty.  When I walked up to his cage, he stood up, paced the front of his cage, purred loudly,… Read more »


We adopted Kobe in the beginning of May, His name is now Chewie, for Chebacca. He has been a great addition to our family. My 17-year-old son and I went to the shelter to look at a puppy but he was already taken. We had no idea we were going to meet Chewie! When my… Read more »

Me and My Shadow

Shadow (formerly known as Dixie) has made herself right at home as part of our family, adjusting extremely well after just a few days. She is a smart, energetic, sweet puppy and we are so glad we took her home. She is our fourth dog rescued from Northeast Animal Shelter over several years and each has… Read more »

When puppy Maggie May met kitty Cosmo she ….

“Hope” is now “Maggie May” and doing well! We are so happy that she is getting along with Cosmo, our wonderful, affectionate, courageous, curious and smart cat that we adopted about 5 years ago. It was funny that within minutes of coming home from the shelter, Maggie made a poop right in Cosmo’s bed!  Surely not the best… Read more »

Emerson jumps for joy

This shy guy was hiding quite the personality! Emerson (once Simon) has been keeping us in stitches with his antics – we’re pretty sure his legs are secretly Pogo sticks. But even when he’s being rambunctious, he’s a complete love bug. He follows us around the house, and loves to chat (he has the sweetest… Read more »