Dogs Leave Paw Prints on Your Heart!

Asher (formerly know as Bill) has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He has adjusted so well to our family and our other dog Boston (Chihuahua mix). He attends daycare twice a week and hits the Dog Park on the weekends. He has made so many friends. Training is also going well. He… Read more »

Life is the flower for which love is the Honey.

Honey is hands down the sweetest cat I’ll ever meet. Both my children love her– my daughter will not stop showing her off to her friends. Her facial expressions are to die for and she’s very well behaved…We lost our hamster once, and Honey found him hiding in a shoe. She didn’t try to “play”… Read more »

Peyton the planet kitten!

Peyton (formerly Pluto) was one of the seven orbit kittens. Peyton (grey girl) is pictured with her brother Timmy. Timmy was adopted from NEAS in 2017. Peyton is doing great and she is growing up fast! She is sweet and loving and gets along so well with her new brothers. They are inseparable! We all… Read more »

My Sam I Am

I never thought my heart could be so full of love and joy!! Sam has been such a joy to me and my family. He is funny and full of energy of which we love! Everywhere we go people stop me want to meet him and pet him. Of course he loves it! We took… Read more »

Georgia Peach

We are so in love with Georgia. She is still learning to behave and become house broken but she brings so much joy to our family. Georgia was the best pre Christmas gift we gave to ourselves!! Thank you so much for letting us adopt her!

Our Mary Jane

We found Mary Jane after looking for a new addition to our family sadly after losing one. Mary Jane took to life with two small kids amazingly. She is a night owl for sure, always running up and down the hallways and gabbing at us from the other rooms in the house. MJ loves to… Read more »

Nicholas.. Nick for short… formerly Jase

Nick has made a very nice transition to his new home. After shyly hiding under the bed for several days he finally ventured out more confidently and has become more active, more energetic and more attached to me. Nick has met the other male cat Ricky, and seems to get along well with him and… Read more »

Tobey chose his owners!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since we got Tippy!  We renamed him Tobey and he quickly adjusted to our home.  Tobey is a silly cat that loves to play, and we are so glad to have him.  He loves to chase, pounce, run, jump, and surprise.  When I come home from work,… Read more »

Molly is the perfect addition

Molly, formerly Marbles, is doing fantastic!!  She is in perfect health, super active, loving and has become accustomed to her sister Simmie, and all 14 rooms of the house!!! Its like she’s been here for years.  She uses the litterbox, loves to play and snuggle and she is just perfect in every way.

Dash and Slapshot take up the whole bed!

Dash, formerly Louie, adjusted to our house very quickly. He has Slapshot, an 11 year old beagle/Boston terrier, as a brother and they get along surprisingly well. Dash turned into a HUGE snuggle bug after a few days here and now takes up the majority of my bed along with Slapshot. Dash loves face licks/… Read more »