We have variety of space-naming opportunities listed below so that you, someone you know, a group of people, or a company can have the opportunity to become involved in this project.

If you are interested in any of the space-naming opportunities below, or would like more information about other opportunities, please call Jamie Garabedian at (978) 745-9888 ext. 362 or email jamie.g@neas.org.

Special gifts may be paid over a period of up to five years.

View the blueprint to the shelter building (PDF)

Space-Naming Opportunity Donation  Status
Front Walkway Bricks, 4” x 8” $250 each Print Form
Front Walkway Bricks, 8” x 8” $500 each Print Form
Cat/Kitten Cages  $1,000 each 30 Reserved
Dog Isolation Cages $1,000 each 2 Reserved
Cat Isolation Cages $1,000 each 2 Reserved
Portable Cages  $1,000 each 2 Reserved
Dog Runs  $2,000 each View Picture
Dog Isolation Runs  $2,000 each  
Outdoor Benches  $5,000 each View Picture
Retail Area $10,000 Reserved
Animal Care Manager’s Office $10,000 View Picture
Animal Care Work Area $10,000 Reserved
Laundry Room $10,000 Reserved
Front Entrance Walkway $10,000 Reserved
Storage Room $10,000 View Picture
Administrative Offices  $10,000 each View Picture
Program Office $50,000 View Picture
Cat Condo Room $15,000 Reserved
Break Room $15,000 View Picture
Admit Area $15,000 Reserved
Dog Medical Isolation Room $15,000 View Picture
Cat Medical Isolation Room $15,000 Reserved
Cat Transit Room $15,000 Reserved
Medical Care and Grooming Clinic $20,000 View Picture
Just Arrived Rooms  $20,000 each View Picture
Cat Community Room (Small) $25,000 View Picture
Cat Visiting Room $25,000 Reserved
Reception Area $25,000 Reserved
Outdoor Puppy Play Area  $25,000 each View Picture
Dog Visiting Room $25,000 each 2 Reserved
Cat Community Room (Large) $50,000 View Picture
Outdoor Dog Play Area $50,000 View Picture
Cat Nutrition Center $50,000 Reserved
Dog Nutrition Center $50,000 View Picture
Training Room $50,000 View Picture
Cat Adoption Room $75,000 View Picture
Kitten & Puppy Adoption Room $150,000 View Picture
Small Dog Adoption Room $75,000 View Picture
Puppy Adoption Room $75,000 View Picture
Big Dog Adoption Room $75,000 View Picture
Adoption Counseling Area $75,000 View Picture
Foyer $100,000 Reserved
Humane Education/Conference Room  $100,000 View Picture
Lobby $250,000 View Picture
Adoption Center $1,000,000 Reserved