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The first time I met Archer at NEAS, he sat down and stared at me.  He still does that, but now he knows he’s in his forever home. He’s blossomed completely, and doesn’t shy away from pets – either from me, or strangers on the street.

He’s a city dog through and through, although we spend a lot of time on the beach. Archer is the best. Thanks for taking care of him until I found him, NEAS.

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I went to the Shelter looking for a black cat, because I read somewhere that black cats are usually the last ones to get adopted. But when my husband and I got there, we fell in love with two beautiful sisters, one black and the other one with striped. We simply could not leave one of them behind and so we adopted them both. Now they mean everything to us. Mimi (Mischa) is the smartest cat ever and Sandy is the most loving animal I have ever seen.  We love these girls, very much.

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We adopted Boo a few weeks ago and he’s already comfortably settled into his forever home. He was shy for the first week and hid under the bed, but then he realized how great having a whole human bed to himself is!

Now he follows us everywhere and LOVES all of his toys. He gets play time 3 times a day, not including his solo runs around the house. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to adopt Boo and can’t imagine life without him anymore.

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I adopted Hawthorne (formerly Improv) 3 months ago and he has been an absolute delight from the start! Within minutes of getting home he was expressing joy in his newfound area by running laps around the house, investigating everything (he is very curious and active), and has claimed the pictured spot in the window as his favorite place to be.

He especially loves to watch the world go by in front of the house and chasing the squirrels and birds from window to window. Hawthorne, who I affectionately call Thorney, is a very lovable guy – always following me in whatever room I go into, cuddling up at night, and unfortunately laying right behind my feet so I keep stepping on him (we’re working on that…). He has come into my life about 2 years after losing my beloved cat Frack, who I had for 15 years, and has been the perfect addition to the family.  I can’t imagine life without him.

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We recently adopted Leif (formerly Koopa) as an addition to our little family! He is settling in very well and loves to play with his older brother Magnus (adopted from NEAS May 2016, formerly Little Bit). Leif is starting puppy training classes soon to help him be a better boy than he already is!

The pups love everything from running around in the woods to snuggling on a weekend morning. We couldn’t be happier having these two as our fur babies and we want to thank everyone at NEAS for bringing them into our lives!

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Hi – my name is Lucy and I was adopted end of October. I’m now 16 weeks old but I don’t know how tall I’ll get. Everyone says that I’m a lab mix.

I’m so happy and I’m trying my best to be the best puppy of the world …” more or less”… :0) Pee accidents happen here and there but I’m proud to say – Today no peeing in the house…

I really love my crate – or better chill out area – but also cuddling on the sofa. I think I learned the commands “sit, stay, down, heel” very fast and I know very well what the command “come” means – TREATS!!! And because I hear so well I’m allowed to play alone in the backyard for a while.

I love to go for a hike through the woods, I also like the beach and hanging around with my dog-buddies once a week at the doggy daycare. They call this socialization – What ever that means…

I think life could not be better and I wish you all Merry Christmas. By the way – Is there a Santa Claus for puppies?



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Jasper was adopted back in October. We didn’t see much of him the first month as he liked to hide from us. He would come out for food, water and to use the litter box. Slowly, he has acclimated to our home. He enjoys being pet, loves to play with his toys and has truly fit in with the family. We are so lucky to have such a sweet cat.

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We got Pulga (Karina) about three months ago: it was love at first smell. She was so gentle and loving when we saw her in the shelter, that we knew she was right for us. When she politely picked the leash from our bag and brought it to us, we knew she had made up her mind about joining the family.

She’s been a wonderful puppy in the three months we’ve had her, and now, as a young adolescent (6 months), she’s fully adjusted to the household routines. She rings the bell when she wants to go out to poo, pee, or throw herself wildly at the leaves. She’ll politely order breakfast at 8:05am, and will resume dreaming thereafter, occasionally twitching while she dreams of squirrels. She was listed in the Puppy Times in the 6 under 6 category for Exceptional Cuddlers; a gifted sniffer, she can track the scent of goose poo (yummy!) from two blocks away.

Since a little evil French Bulldog bit her ear unprovoked in the dog park, she’s had to wear a cone, which she’s endured bravely. Twice in the past month, she’s stolen the New Yorker and tore articles about white nationalists to pieces, leaving the rest of the magazine intact. We feel the same way.

We wish that everyone in the world can have a Pulga in their lives. Ruff!

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Cooper is such a sweet boy! From the day he walked into the house he felt very comfortable and is so happy. He loves to be held and to sleep with us at night.

When he wants to be held, he will literally climb up our legs to make it into our arms. In such a short period of time he has brought so much happiness and joy to our family. We are so in love with him <3

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Rhonda is doing great! She is enjoying 2 long walks a day and has made many friends along the way. She loves all her toys and squeaky balls. Rhonda sleeps with us every night. She’s quite a snuggle bug!