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“They used to call me Cocoa because I’m the color of hot chocolate, but my new family changed my name to Diggle.  They call me Digs for short.  I bet you can’t guess why.

I’m a local guy, but just by chance.  My Mom came from Georgia, and when she arrived at NEAS they discovered she was pregnant.  She was just 11 months old when she gave birth to me and my 7 other siblings.  We had quite the time together at our foster care home.  Our foster parents were great, and our real Mom nursed us until we were old enough.  Then one day off we all went to NEAS.  

I was there for just one day when a family came in and took me home.  I love it here, and I think I’ve got this housebreaking thing pretty well figured out.  When I go potty outside, it seems to make everyone happy.

During the day I sleep just about anywhere, like in my dad’s shoes.  I get to sleep every night in my own cosy little room.  It’s even got a name – ‘Crate.”

I’m still teething, so I like to nibble on things, like fingers and shoes.  I’m not sure everyone is so happy about that because they keep giving me something else to chew on.

Today I got my first water experience.  They called it a lake.  I only got my feet wet but maybe next time I’ll take a few more steps.  The water felt nice on my feet.

I heard my parents say they are going to take me for puppy training next week.  I wonder what that will be like.  Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m a happy and lucky pup.  If my siblings read this, text me sometime and maybe we can have a sleepover and dig-together party! “

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Cooper picked us out on a spontaneous visit to NEAS on Saturday, June 3rd. It was supposed to be a trial run for a larger Rescue Animal event the next day in RI to see what type of dog would be the best. Well, we never made it past Cooper for very good reasons. His demeanor, his goofy smile and wrinkled forehead, and the obvious love he wanted to share were just too much to pass up.

He has been nothing but a joy to everyone he has met and brought that something we didn’t even know we were missing in our home until he showed up. He has even been trying real hard to make friends with our other new pet, a 4 month old kitten named Jojo / Joey / Joey Fatone / Joseph…. and has made great strides 🙂

Our adoption counselor Maria was the absolute best with the 4 of us as we waded through the whole process. She made it such a wonderful experience as did all the other shelter members. I would definitely recommend going through NEAS for any of your pets. You won’t regret it.

Thank you again NEAS!

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Spooky (formerly Smoke) has settled in quite nicely with our family! In fact, my son was dancing with her this morning before school! We love her lots and she is thriving. 

Spooky comes from Macon, GA.  When I looked at her rabies certificate, I noticed the GA vet clinic that gave her the rabies shot has the same as my son’s. Even more surprising, the vet clinic is located on the same street where my grandparents lived for over 40 years.  Is that spooky, or what?

We love Spooky so much!! My mom had her high school reunion in Macon just this past weekend and she traveled there. She stopped in to see SOS Rescue and met some future Massachusetts dogs, too! 

Thanks for doing what you do!

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Rhyan (now Dakota) is such a love!!  She made fast friends with our 5 year old dog Lexi.  After 3 nights in a crate she let us know she wasn’t having it.  She has since slept in my daughter’s bed – Lexi is now sleeping in her bed too lol. 

She’s a smart little pup.  She’s learning sit, come and down.  She’s doing really well with house training!!   Once she’s fully house trained and past teething we’d like to start bringing her to the nursing home to visit nana.  Lexi is a big hit there! 💞💕

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Bilbo has been renamed to Jerri, a coined name which is a family joke between my grandchildren!  He has been a very busy kitten and has made us laugh constantly! 

I put up a gate to keep him corralled but it had holes in it and it didn’t take him long to climb up and over!  Next my husband bought a piece of plywood and had it cut to size to fit the doorway!  Imagine my surprise when I came out of the bathroom one morning & he was waiting for me!  My husband had to glue the extra piece of plywood on & turn it up the other way which made it taller! 

He jumped on the couch one morning and hit my cereal bowl which still had  milk in it, and it dumped into my lap!!  The best one, however, was the day he jumped on the toilet and fell in!!!

He has drawn blood with his bites but lately when I say “No bite-kiss Mama” he will stop a minute and lap my hand or arm!  We had a very good experience with Northeast and we are very satisfied!  Thanks for all your help.  Be assured this kitty is well loved and taken care of!!  

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I didn’t go into the shelter and pick Nemo (previously Vulcan).  When I walked into that room, he picked me. Of all the cats in the shelter, I knew instantly this was going to be my little kitty.  When I walked up to his cage, he stood up, paced the front of his cage, purred loudly, and never wanted me to stop petting him. He even put his paw on the front of the cage when he saw me walking away. 

I decided to give him a new name – Nemo –  because getting to name him helped me feel more like a dad,  Being a first time pet owner, I think I was more nervous than he was when I set his carrier down in my apartment for the first time. He peeked his fuzzy little head out and started to wonder around very cautiously, exploring his new surroundings. After a very short time, Nemo thought (correctly, mind you) that he owned the place. He felt comfortable very quickly.

Now, about 6 months later, he is a fully integrated part of the family. He never wants to be left alone. Whenever someone is in the apartment, Nemo is right there by their side (yes, including the bathroom). Sometimes I try to get away with going to the bathroom without him knowing, but if I manage to sneak in there and close the door he just sits outside the door and meows until I open it.

Every morning, about 6 seconds after my alarm goes off, Nemo comes in my room and hops on top of me, purring away, rubs his cute little face against mine and gives me little love headbutts. My thoughts, “Awe, he is so excited I’m up because he loves me and wants to hang out.” Most likely what he’s thinking, “Wow it’s about time papa gets up, I’m hungry!”

I can’t imagine what life would be like without my little guy. He has so quickly worked his way into the hearts of everyone around him. He is incredibly affectionate and friendly. I love my little Nemo so much 🙂 Thank you for bringing us together NEAS!

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We adopted Kobe in the beginning of May, His name is now Chewie, for Chebacca. He has been a great addition to our family.

My 17-year-old son and I went to the shelter to look at a puppy but he was already taken. We had no idea we were going to meet Chewie! When my son saw him, he wanted to see him right away. We left to get our rat terrier Cheech to see if they would get along. They did!

We came back the next day and the rest is history. Chewie is enjoying his new brothers Cosmo, a husky/German Shepard/black lab mix, and Cheech, a rat terrier.

Chewie and Cheech like when I walk them together. Chewie is doing really well at his puppy training at Petco.  A big thank you to Frank who helped us through Chewie’s adoption process!

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Shadow (formerly known as Dixie) has made herself right at home as part of our family, adjusting extremely well after just a few days. She is a smart, energetic, sweet puppy and we are so glad we took her home.

She is our fourth dog rescued from Northeast Animal Shelter over several years and each has imprinted their own unique personality, love and loyalty on our hearts forever. Shadow is doing great with her housebreaking…accident free on her third day home…and has already accomplished a feat some dogs never do: she has made friends with the mailman, greeting him with kisses and a wiggly butt!

One funny quirk is that she is very attentive to the TV and growls when other dogs appear on the screen in her parlor, as if to say…”this is my home”
Thank you to Northeast Animal Shelter for all you do so these animals get the love they are meant to have and bring so much joy to those who adopt.

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“Hope” is now “Maggie May” and doing well! We are so happy that she is getting along with Cosmo, our wonderful, affectionate, courageous, curious and smart cat that we adopted about 5 years ago.

It was funny that within minutes of coming home from the shelter, Maggie made a poop right in Cosmo’s bed!  Surely not the best way to endear herself, but as you can see from the picture, they are now pretty comfortable being together.

Cosmo continues to be his usual self but is teaching Maggie his boundaries, so Maggie does not chase Cosmo very much anymore.

Maggie LOVES people and has met a few young children. The children were given training on how to be with a puppy. Maggie loves to cuddle up next to you as she falls asleep. She is learning not to playfully bite us but still needs work on that. We are learning to keep all shoes, socks and clothing out of reach!

She has gained almost 5 lbs since adoption and always enjoys eating. She waits patiently at our feet while we prepare her and Cosmo’s meals. Sometimes she lies ON our feet while we do the dishes.

She loves car rides and walks at the park and beach. She’s a bit fearful of other dogs but seems to be improving. We have taken her to puppy playtime at Petco too, where she/we will start puppy training this Friday!

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This shy guy was hiding quite the personality! Emerson (once Simon) has been keeping us in stitches with his antics – we’re pretty sure his legs are secretly Pogo sticks.

But even when he’s being rambunctious, he’s a complete love bug. He follows us around the house, and loves to chat (he has the sweetest chirp). This fluff ball seems really happy to have a home, and we’re glad he chose ours.