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We adopted Leo (formerly Sam) in September of 2017. He is playful and loving to his new family and friends at the park, dogs and humans alike!

He enjoyed his puppy training and loves to learn new tricks. He enjoys playing with his neighborhood buddies in the park every morning. His favorite time is when all his human pack members are home to play with him and love him!

We feel so lucky to have adopted him. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!!

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I adopted Alex about 3 weeks ago and then he hid from sight.  I didn’t see him for a couple of days!

Gradually, he started to peek his head out … more and more … and we have now reached the point where he comes when I call him.

He loves being petted and tickled, and he purrs like a motorboat.

He sleeps with me now, eats well, and always uses his litter box.

I am so happy he agree to become MY owner!  I missed the companionship of a pet and I can see us having a nice long relationship.


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I had been visiting your shelter frequently for the last few months looking for a new roommate. I came in last week and met Shadow, now Rey, and we became instant friends. She has been in her furever home for a week now and she couldn’t be more perfect.

She loves giving hugs and kisses and hasn’t met a human she doesn’t love either. Thank you for all your help in the adoption process!

Editorial Note: Rey was a Jedi in the Star Wars chronicles.  In order to survive, she became a scavenger who ultimately discovered her latent connection the the Force. 

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We went to NEAS to find a companion for our Maxey after losing our other cat suddenly. I took one look at Milo and felt he would be the one. However after hearing his background, we were advised we should probably get a younger cat.

We decided to go back the following week to see if they had other cats for us to choose from and decided we had to give him a chance. Two and a half days later, Maxey and Milo were inseparable.

Milo loves to play and eat. He greets us at the door and has even rubbed against our legs. His favorite place is on the couch next to me in the evenings. We have not been able to pet him yet but feel it will not be to much longer. So happy that I followed my instincts and choose Milo!!

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My husband and I adopted Waverly in April and we are absolutely smitten with her.

She is incredibly smart and is knows how to sit, lie down, and give her paw, among other things. Waverly loves being outside, running around, coming to the horse barn with me, going for walks, and snuggling/sleeping…as you can see!

She is adjusting well to her new home, yard, and to her kitty sister; Dusty. We are so happy that we made the decision to adopt Waverly, as she has truly rounded out our home and our family…for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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We adopted Baldur (formerly spelled Baulder) on April 25th, 2018, and I couldn’t be happier in my choice of a first cat. I fell in love with Baldur while working at the shelter, and I knew that I just had to take him home. He charmed me by his constant “chirping”, and by the white “scar” present across his face.

Baldur spends his days snuggling up with his people, perching on his cat tree and surveying the world outside his kingdom, and getting into mischief. He has a penchant for anything crinkly, adores belly rubs, and can’t let one of us walk around without wanting to join us (and even walks right in front of us).

We are looking forward to spending many years with our lovable Baldur, and are so grateful he came into our lives.

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Bobby is adjusting well and loving his new home and family. Such a sweet little guy. We just love him.

Bobby is having a little trouble understanding that cats do not play like dogs. They are indulgent with him but some hissing has ensued.

We did have a short adjustment period with our two year old mixed breed dog (Carolina Dog/Chihuahua to the best of everyoneโ€™s guess) that has since resolved itself and they are now the best of friends. 

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We adopted Pepper on April 21st of 2018. She has grown like a weed since then.

Pepper sleeps with me and her dad in bed every night and in the morning we do the scramble to get her outside before an accident. The housebreaking is getting much better and she will ask to go out without any prompting.

Pepper has gained 8 pounds!!!!!! we also think her legs have grown 6 inches…..We love this baby so much and are so happy we were able to give her forever home and family.

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We adopted Gigi in December of 2016. In her 2 short years on earth, she had lived in the woods of Virginia and was later adopted along with her sister by a family in New England. Unfortunately, it became clear Gigi and her sis were a bit of a handful and were returned after a year.

My husband wanted a friend for our Yorkie, Charlie, and had planned on naming our prospective pup Georgia (Gigi for short). Walking through the shelter I came across and small aspotted dog who quickly bared her belly for a rubbing. I look up and realized her name was already Gigi. It felt like some kind of heavenly intervention – I knew this little girl was coming home with us.

Gigi made herself right at home. I will admit that she had some rough edges. She wasn’t used to going for walks and was very protective of her things. But between my husband, myself, and Charlie, we helped her come out of her shell. Now she is the sweetest, gentlest nut in the world. We love how she has retained a bit of a wild side that keeps us on our toes and cracking up laughing.

We recently moved to Miami with both dogs and they are loving it. Now they go to daycare at a horse ranch where they get to run free with other dogs. Gigi has made our little family whole. We almost don’t remember what life was without her.

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to open up our home to our little Tenacious G.