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First I have to say that we LOVE Zoey. We kept her name because we just think it suits her. She is adjusting very well to everyone here and any of our guests we have had. She is just a little love bug. After the first day she started eating just fine, she needed our other dog to guide her a little with that. She picked up on the bedtime routine fairly quickly.

We quickly discovered she is an escape artist!!!  We had a small dog before, around her size, and had no problems with her getting out of the yard, but Zoey has gotten out twice. Luckily she learned the sound of my voice quickly and when we went to find her she came running. She was only out for about 5 minutes. We had to put her in the yard ,then run around to our neighbors yard to see where she was getting out. Sure enough when we got to the other side of the fence her little head was sticking out!! Yard is all secure now (keeping fingers crossed).

She gets along great with our older dog, and getting her moving with all the play!!  All in all, we think she is great and we think she kind of likes us, too!!!

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Dear Northeast Animal Shelter (especially Sue),

When I walked into the shelter I really had no idea what dog, if any, I would be leaving with. My fiancé was at work in Cambridge, and since I had the day off, I figured I’d use this opportunity to be at the shelter as soon as it opened. I didn’t see Alyssa (now known as Pancake) in her kennel during my initial walk-through, but rather, she was brought to me by the adoption councilor I met with (Sue). Sue patiently listened as I described our apartment complex, work/life balances etc., and what dogs are on our apartment’s restricted breeds list. And after thinking for a moment, she said she wanted me to meet Alyssa (Pancake).

My fiancé and I cannot thank Sue enough for giving us our Pancake. She is truly the SWEETEST dog and has become loved by so many people. We take turns bringing her to work with us and she is always so well-behaved (and the highlight of everyone’s’ day!). She’s incredibly calm, but becoming more playful every day. She LOVES the snow and meeting new people. We absolutely adore her and are pretty sure she feels the same about us.

Heather and Dan

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We adopted Jessie (originally Bailey) on May 26, 2016. She has grown from a silly puppy into the best dog in the world (at least in our opinion!).

This little girl who originally came from Georgia loves the snow and is happiest when she has a hole to dig or squirrel to chase. She has been my walking buddy for the past two years and is about to become a big sister to a human baby.

Thank you so much for all you do and helping us find our perfect pup.

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Hi all! I couldn’t resist an update on Gemma (formerly Lovey). My husband and I adopted our little black cat from Salem in October 2017 and when we met her, she was feisty and full of energy at 9 months old. Now, a few months later, she’s still very feisty and very playful, but also very sweet.

She is obsessed with breakfast and dinner time – usually swatting us awake at 6am to let us know she’s ready to start her day. She has more toys than she knows what to do with, but loves to jump around and chase anything that will move, bare feet included. She is full of personality and quite the social butterfly.

Gemma is always wherever we are, usually right under our feet! When she’s feeling sweet, she gifts us with love bites and plenty of cuddles. We are hoping for some (very closely supervised) walks outside whenever Spring decides to show up, and, so far, she’s a fan of car rides, unless it’s going to the vet – maybe more adventures are in her future!

Based on some of her history and adoption timeline (and obsession with food), we have a feeling that she maybe didn’t have the easiest start in her young life and we are blessed to give her a house to call home and a family to call hers. She’s certainly brought plenty of love and laughs to our life already and we couldn’t imagine a day now without her. Thank you sincerely for all of the work that you do at Northeast Animal Shelter and for taking care of our little gem until we could find her!

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On our way home from the Shelter back to Maine, we gave our new pet a new name – Oscar.  He is 21 pounds of absolute delight, so full of joy and happiness! He is loved by all who meet him, friends, aunts and uncles, grandchildren, and grand dogs. In simple terms, Oscar has won an “Oscar” here in Kennebunk, Maine!

He loves to snuggle, socializes with dogs of all sizes, and can be full of beans! He has integrated into the household seamlessly and I feel as if he has been here forever. I simply love him, and through his kisses I can tell the feeling is mutual!

The Shelter was a very positive experience and I enjoyed meeting our adoption counselor, Angela, who was so helpful.

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Spring – now renamed Honey – is great both kids are enjoying her energetic puppy ways … and of course she’s sleeping in a few different beds … depending on who’s behavior earns this reward!😄 Thanks again for all your assistance and happy to post our Love Story with pleasure.

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Abby (formerly Isabella) is such a joy and has adjusted to her new home quite well. She is by far the most affectionate pup in the world! With a wagging tail, she is full of wet kisses for everyone! She loves to snuggle up under your chin for love and comfort and hang out by your feet or on your lap for those lazy mid-morning and afternoon naps. She truly completes our family!

Abby has already learned a few key commands. We were quite surprised by this but started using basic commands that we knew she would be working on once she started basic obedience training at the end of the month. Once she realized treats and snuggles were involved, she was happy to oblige! She has learned “out”… runs to the door, “sit” … sits and gets a treat, “Abby, come” … runs over for a treat. And yes, we have had to teach her “Abby, no”. She stops negative behavior immediately.

We refuse to play with her if she’s nipping and she calms pretty quickly. We also use this command when she is barking at the cat to play with her. Let me just say, he is none too pleased by this disruption in his day. The two have tolerated one another…Although Abby would LOVE to play with him, Charlie our 12+ year old Coon has little to no patience for this bundle of energy and would rather be atop the couch or table. He can be a bit of a snob!

Abby loves to go for short walks on her leash and rides in the car! She just started interacting with other pups her own age and has discovered that many are much bigger than she is! She loves it though. We have a few neighborhood canine friends that just love to come visit us when we are outside to play. Abby sniffs and then smothers them with kisses.

She loves the great outdoors regardless of the weather! Snow, sleet, freezing rain will not keep our wonderful pup in the house! She enjoys burrowing in the snow, jumping in puddles and sliding across the wet grass. She an active bundle of joy!

Abby has paw printed our hearts for life.

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My wife and I adopted Minty (now Mitzi) last month and she has been an adoring kitty! 😃 

She loves to play and look out the window and has her moment when she just wants to sit on your lap and be petted. She seems to have a great fascination for “people” food and constantly wants to either sniff or in some cases (like bacon) wants to steal it from you. Of course we won’t let her have any, no matter how much she persists and tries to jump on the table. 😃 

She’ has been a lot of fun and a charm.  Thanks to you Northeast Animal Shelter for providing us with such an adorable cat!!

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Tucker’s name is now Pangur Bán (Pan for short).  We named him after this adorable Old Irish poem, written sometime around the 9th century:

Pangur, white Pangur, How happy we are
Alone together, scholar and cat
Each has his own work to do daily;
For you it is hunting, for me study.
Your shining eye watches the wall;
My feeble eye is fixed on a book.
You rejoice, when your claws entrap a mouse;
I rejoice when my mind fathoms a problem.
Pleased with his own art, neither hinders the other;
Thus we live ever without tedium and envy.

He’s an awesome cat and we’re so happy to have him!

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What was supposed to be a quick visit to just “look” turned into our adopting a sweet border collie mix guy! His name at the shelter was Trigger.  We were going to change it but it just stuck. We like to call him “Triggeman.”

After doing some research, I got in contact with Trigger’s foster parents in Georgia, and she said before he was with them, he was tied to a tree and neglected for the first few months of his life. But now he has a very loving home, lots of toys and playtime! He is super spoiled and happy! 🙂

Trigger is a very sweet and cuddly 1-year-old. His favorite things to do are play ball, chase squirrels, lasers, and run as fast as he can! He’s a very smart guy! In the morning, he pulls the covers off the bed, and brings up a leash and a shoe to tell us it’s time to play outside!

Trigger loves walking around downtown Salem, and he always walks straight to his favorite store, New England Dog Biscuit Company. Thanks NEAS for my sweet boy!