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We met Reggie a month ago and knew he was the perfect fit for us and our family. He loves to snuggle with us and play with his toys. He likes to take walks in the woods and quiet places and has met a few new “doggy” friends. He does love to bird watch, LOL! He even enjoyed camping.

I can’t believe it’s only been a month – it feels like he’s been a part of our family forever. Thank you to everyone at NEAS! Without your insight into the animals in your care, we wouldn’t have found our love bug!

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I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the work that the staff and volunteers do at your facility.

Scarlett (who was called Jane at the shelter) is the poster child for all your hard work and efforts. She came to you rough, as you know. When she arrived at NEAS in early July, we learned she had raw oozing sores on her face and her tongue was so swollen that she had to be hand fed in a sitting position. Yet when she came home with us she had a clean bill of health after a few weeks of treatment from your dedicated and loving staff.

She immediately turned into a great family member. My other dog is a bit more active since we brought Scarlett home, which is great as he was a bit depressed when we had to put our older lab to sleep. She loves being outside in her new fenced in yard with a Kong full of peanut butter and kibble. She runs like the wind on the beach chasing balls with her big brother, sometimes retrieving them, sometimes not. I think perhaps she has some greyhound in her. She is very social with both people and other dogs. Her typical day ends resting on the couch and at night she enjoys being in her cozy crate.

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all you do and she is proof that all your hard work makes for many, many happy families.


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Tallulah Peaches (formerly Ginger) was adopted in early May and we ADORE our sweet little Georgia peach. Initially described as ‘fractious’ (and admittedly, she still earns that moniker when it comes time to get her in her carrier!), this is a kitty who now loves to curl up on laps in the daytime and under the covers at night. We are both amazed–and delighted–with how quickly ‘Tulla’ learned to trust us and she is quite inquisitive when we have people over (but appreciates when they don’t approach her too quickly). She’s a bundle of energy and adores playing with pretty much anything too … and talk about a healthy appetite!

One of her favorite sleeping spots is either in front of the living room window, where she can watch the birds at our feeder or–simply adorably–curled up on my pillow, with her head wedged into the crook of my neck. Being woken up with roars of kitty purrs is the best alarm clock!

I suspect she’ll be getting a sister in the future and needless to say, when that day comes, we’ll be back at NEAS!  Thank you for believing that we were the right people for her; she has certainly proven to be the right kitty for us!  ❤️

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It’s been about 6 months with this love bug and I don’t know who saved who more. Georgia (previously known as Harper Noel) took a long time to get adjusted to trusting and being playful. Now she runs around with her Boxer friend Sullivan, chews on her favorite toys, goes on hikes, and takes rides in the kayak with me. She has been such a joy and made such a positive impact on my life. Georgia peach is forever my best friend and I thank NEAS for bringing us together! <3

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Timmy (formerly Julian) has settled in well with his new family.  He has bonded with his new sister Polly and is trying his best to be buds with new brother Oliver!

Oliver likes it best when Timmy is calm and quiet but that doesn’t last long! We think in time they will be great friends!

His humans just love him of course! We couldn’t be happier with this little guy!

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We adopted Dany, formerly Oreo, about one month ago. She has quickly become an important part of our family and goes just about everywhere with us. She loves walking through Davis square with her new family and stopping at the local establishments for a refreshing bowl of water. Although we don’t move very fast because so many people want to stop and say hello to this beautiful, sweet girl. We feel grateful that NEAS helped us to find her and couldn’t ask for a better companion.

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Luna (formerly known as Lark) has been a wonderful addition to our home. From the first night she was a great sleeper and even better cuddler. She loves chewing on toys, dandelions, and barking at her food bowl in hopes it will magically descend from the counter.

She is learning how to not be scared of cars and bikes on walks, but loves every person and dog she has met. We can not thank Northeast Animal Shelter enough for helping us bring this amazing puppy into our lives.

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In late March we adopted our wonderful Bailey (previously Kali) and we couldn’t be happier with our little nugget! We had been looking for a companion for our 2 year old rescue pup Brindi for a couple of weeks when I happened to stumble upon Bailey on my day off while browsing the internet.

Brindi and I hopped in the car to NEAS and it was all history from there! The last 4 and a half months have flown by and we are over the moon in love with Bailey and our little family. Thank you to NEAS for all that you do and all of the love stories you make possible!

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We had added Sadie (used to be named Lyra Erso) into the family during the month of February, but we have recently come across this “love story” page. Before adding Sadie into the family, we had a dog we have gotten from NEAS before named Gus who is now 7 years old, and she has gotten along very well with him.

Sadie is a very smart little girl; she knows sit, paw, lay down, stay, come (and we are working on “release”). She never had any trouble with potty training. In fact, we bought puppy pads but never used one for her, she just always seemed to sit by the door when she needed to go out!

She loves to be outside and play fetch (but her version is her catching the ball and having us chase her around the yard). She is a Labrador Retriever-Basset Hound mix and has the traits of a hound (loves to smell and dig holes) and although looks like a Lab does not have many traits of one (for example, she hates water). We take her for hikes regularly on nearby trails, walks in the neighborhood, and to the beach during off season. We actually saw Sadie’s brother, Diego (now named Cooper) in these love stories who we remember from the foster parents pictures!

Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter for connecting us to sweet Sadie Belle.  She has completed our family!