Noah is a gem. I love him. He had his first physical with Dr. Jawitz (Stoneham Animal Hospital) on June 21st and got a clean bill of health, as well as a Lyme and Flu vaccinations. He is eating well and now weighs 30 pounds. I also ordered a DNA kit. I can see both Black Lab and Walker Hound in him, and I am curious what else makes up his personality.

He loves living in a home. He lounges on the back of the couch and watches out the window at the chickens across the street. At night, he cuddles up beside me for a good night’s sleep. He was very easy to house break. I did not use a crate. I did two things: first, I regularly take him to his “special places” in the back yard, and he knows that I want him to take care of business; second, I made sure we ate and played in every room in the house and kept his toys in every room. Dogs never ” go” where they eat and play.

He loves meeting other humans and dogs when we go on our walks. He is incredibly affectionate. He is slowly adjusting to human society. After six months as a stray and shelter dog, he had to get used to television. He barked like crazy at the camel on the Geico ad. On one of our walks, he stopped dead and started barking at two concrete lions guarding the front steps of a house. After five minutes of encouragement, he finally gave them a good sniff and realized they were not living creatures.

Noah is the second dog I have adopted from NEAS. Galahad was my first adoption in 1999. Both experiences were outstanding. Most other dog lovers that I know adopt from NEAS. I have a story about Galahad’s passing and Noah’s adoption that I am going to send to NEAS with a donation in Galahad’s memory.

Here is a picture of Noah snoozing in a recliner.
Thank you, Jenna, for your help in the adoption process. You made it a pleasant and reassuring process.

Pat N.