Originally named Snowy, this adorable beagle mix was renamed Maddy by her first adoptive parents. But as it turned out, Maddy had difficulty adjusting to the family and, sadly, they had to return her to the Shelter. For nearly seven months this sweet dog tried to keep up hope that there was a forever home waiting for her.

Hope finally arrived in the form of the Steensons who adopted Maddy for the second, and final time. Today she is part of a huge new family that includes her adoptive parents, their daughter, a doggy brother named Jesse, two cats, two guinea pigs and a bunch of chickens and rabbits.

She traded the cage she lived in at the shelter for 17 wooded acres in New Hampshire – one half acre is fenced in just for doggy playtime. Inside the comfort of their warm home is a couch by the fire where Maddy curls up for naps… a far cry from the streets where she was rescued.

A wonderful letter from Julie Steenson told us that Maddy has learned to trust her new family… and letting her guard down has revealed an amazingly affectionate dog who jumps onto the bed for what Julie describes as “morning cuddles and kisses” every day.

But what makes this story truly a success is that Maddy was not the only one given a second chance. The Steensons had recently lost their beagle after a long illness, and they so missed having that spirit in their lives. Maddy brought with her a chance for them to love again… filling a void in everyone’s life. She was just who they needed to make their family complete once more.

While we never gave up hope that Maddy would one day find this kind of happiness, many shelters might have euthanized a dog with her circumstances. Thanks to people like you, we are able to give all our animals the time they need to find the perfect adoptive family.

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