Like discarded trash, their crates lay upside down in a parking lot only a few miles from our Shelter. Inside, Butch and Sundance were found cowering… bodies battered and bruised.

When these two frightened cats arrived at the Shelter, our vet quickly determined that Butch’s injuries were not life-threatening… but, tragically, Sundance had a fractured pelvis and his badly crushed leg needed to be amputated immediately.

Even though the initial surgery to remove his leg was a success, Sundance still required extensive medical care, follow-up treatments and many weeks of recuperation.

Northeast Animal Shelter is committed to providing vital medical care to each and every injured animal that comes through our door… without question or hesitation. We know loyal friends like you feel the same way!

Because of the generous support from our friends, we were able to pay for the surgery he needed. We are thrilled that he responded so amazingly well to treatment. After his stitches were removed, he started playing with his friend Butch again. And, the best news of all is that both Butch and Sundance were adopted!