Gordon arrived at Northeast Animal Shelter in August only a few days after “retirement.” He had been a racing greyhound — his life measured by his speed. When he could no longer win races, he became meaningless to his owners. But to us, Gordon was a sweet affectionate dog who deserved a second chance and a loving forever home.

During the first few days, he had trouble adjusting to the meals we fed him, so he was placed on medication to help him digest his food better. Once he was able to eat we thought the worst was behind him, but several weeks later, Gordon was in trouble.

He became very weak and couldn’t control his bladder. He was immediately put on medication, but his condition only worsened…he was in renal failure. We contacted the hospital, but the staff had left for the weekend. Fearing we might lose him, we called the vet at home and, thankfully, she agreed to make a house call. After examining the gravely ill dog, she found that Gordon had a severe kidney infection.

The only chance of survival would be to “flush” his system out . . . but even then, the vet wasn’t sure Gordon would pull through. Over that weekend, Shelter volunteers monitored Gordon’s condition 24 hours a day, working in shifts to keep Gordon on IV medication. With all this dog had been through at the track, there was no way we were going to give up on him now.

After five days and plenty of special care, Gordon finally began to recover. He regained his strength and then his appetite. The day we had hoped for finally arrived — Gordon was once again a healthy, sweet and loving greyhound ready for adoption! And just recently, after all he went through, Gordon was successfully adopted into a new home.

Each year, hundreds of animals like Gordon come to us in dire need of life-saving medical attention. Regardless of their condition we invest our hearts, our time and whatever medical procedures are necessary to return these animals to good health whenever possible.

Successful and happy endings like Gordon’s are what we strive for at Northeast Animal Shelter. Won’t you be part of the next happy ending?