Steve and Emily are a couple with enormous compassion for the abandoned creatures of the world. Emily in particular had been a missionary in Peru working with homeless children. Now living in New England, they came to the Northeast Animal Shelter hoping to adopt a dog. Although Emily was thinking about taking home an abandoned puppy, it was an older dog named Harley who immediately caught Steve’s eye.

Harley had come to our Shelter tired and hungry. He had spent over a month living on the streets and then another 10 days at the Salem Animal Control Facility before arriving at our Shelter. Although he had a collar with a tag that said “Harley,” no one ever came looking for him. Homeless, he was just waiting for a couple like Steve and Emily to find him.

Steve and Emily took Harley into the Shelter’s outdoor play yard. Harley was energetic and friendly, and more than willing to show off his skills at catch. And just like that, Harley wasn’t homeless anymore.

Thanks to the love, patience and attention of his new owners, Harley loves his new home, his new family, and their frequent guests. In his mind, every visitor is there to see him. He wags his tail, cuddles with newcomers, and is always sad when it’s time for his new friends to go home.

Like many parents, Steve and Emily like to spoil Harley a little bit. To them, it’s their way of helping erase some of the darker moments in their pet’s earlier life. Harley sleeps in the bed at night and always takes the passenger seat in the car – even if someone else is already there!

Everyone who takes the time and energy to adopt a pet is a compassionate person. But to the staff at the Shelter, Steve and Emily’s warmth and spirit stand out as exceptional. Thinking of them always warms their hearts.