Harley was left at Northeast Animal Shelter when difficult economic times forced her owner to take a second job. This heartbroken cat lover knew that with a demanding new schedule, she would never be home to provide the human companionship and affection that Harley craved.

During her first few months with us, Harley wasn’t able to make a good impression when potential adopters came to visit. This 7 year old cat was understandably set in her ways and was having a hard time adjusting to life at the Shelter. But after some extra attention from our staff – and plenty of time playing in our cat community room – Harley finally came out of her shell. Thankfully, she was ready for a loving home when Sara and David came to visit.

Sara and David, whose cat had recently passed away, had been following Harley’s progress on our website. They wanted a new addition to their family and hoped Harley would be a good fit. When Sara and David came to meet Harley, she purred softly and curled up in David’s lap. They were won over and immediately decided to adopt her.

As Sara and David prepared to bring Harley home, the adoption counselor mentioned that the sweet, long-haired cat had recently become fond of a fellow feline named Jay. The couple looked at each other and made a great decision – they would adopt both Harley and Jay! That way the cats would always have plenty of company. Sara and David knew they had enough love for another cat and they knew Harley would enjoy spending her days with Jay in a loving home.

When we talked to Sara a few weeks later, she told us that Harley and Jay were doing great and that the formerly reclusive Harley is now very chatty! It may have taken Harley a while to find a forever home, but now she’s right where she belongs.