My parents, niece and I came in back in April to look at dogs. We had no intention of getting a puppy as we knew that they were a lot of work. We first met a dog named Chloe that was beautiful and friendly but a little too much dog for us. We were speaking with a volunteer and she said that she had just the dog for us! She brought us to see Tonka and Tonka gave us one look and all four of us fell in love! She was brought into a room & we played with her a bit and decided to take her home. We renamed her Molly on the way home and at first she was very shy and timid but once she warmed up to us knowing we weren’t going to leave her and would be snuggling her all the time she very quickly let us into her heart! Now I can’t imagine my life without her! She really adds so much sunshine and love to my life!