We love our new friend, and she is now known as Princess Leia!  She is the sweetest little baby and has such a loud purr when she cuddles – which she does a lot! She is the first kitten my 6-year old daughter has ever had, and she was the perfect choice!

My husband and I are animal lovers, and it is very important that we raise our daughter as one too. When we were waiting to finalize our adoption, a man abruptly dropped off two cats that he had found abandoned in an apartment he was moving into and left. As sad as we were that the man did that, it was a great way for my daughter to see what you and the staff do tirelessly for animals in need and for our family to discuss the situation and ultimately come to the conclusion that those kitties were actually very lucky to end up at NEAS, where they now have a chance at a better life! We cannot thank you enough for all that you do for animals!!