Linus is now named “Peanut.” For a Beagle he actually very quiet most of the time. No howling and very little barking. He loves giving kisses and snuggling. We have an acre of fenced in yard that he runs around in. He is friendly with other dogs, just says “Hi” and keeps doing his business. Everyone says he so cute, especially his ears.

He thinks he’s a cat sometimes. We find him on the back of the couch laying on top of it asleep in front of the window. He actually will pull a blanket on top of himself before he goes to sleep. He loves getting his belly rubbed and scratched behind the ears. We use a crate and he likes spending time in there when he’s tired. We attached a bell to the door hope in time he will ring it when he wants or has to go out. He is only alone for 4 hours a day during the work week and no accidents happened then.

The average dog toy only lasts 3 days! He shreds them so fast. He likes the soft animals that squeak the best. We are all very happy together and I am proud of the kids for being such responsible pet owners.
We encourage people that stop to pet Peanut to visit your shelter. We are so impressed by the staff and the cleanliness of the facility.