“Hi, my name is Steward. I’m a white American short hair cat and I’m almost a year old. During November and December of 2012, I was left behind when my first owners moved from our home. They took everything but me. I was left behind in the empty apartment with no one to cuddle with or feed me. The landlord found me and took me to the veterinarians were I got my strength back. Once healthy, I was sent to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem and that’s when I met my forever family. It was the family’s 9-year-old son who I cried to as he walked by my cage. I could tell he would love me because he talked kind to me and gently scratched me behind my ears through the cage’s bars.

Once they opened my cage, I curled up on Joseph’s lap and purred over and over, which translated means “Please take me home, with you.”  I was adopted by the family in January 2013 and have forgiven my first family for abandoning me.  I now have a big brother, Otis the dachshund, and a big sister, Coco the cat.  I love all kinds of cat food, especially Blue Buffalo dry cat food.  If you’re looking for a furry friend to join your family, Northeast Animal Shelter is the place to visit. I left a lot of friends back there who I know would love to find a forever home like I did… and be forever home like me.”