Choosing just the right pet for your family can take time.  When you visit our shelter, you will be free to walk around the building and view all the available pets.  Then you will meet with an adoption counselor to review your situation so that we can make sure the pets who caught your eye are a good match.  Some pets are great with children, while others are not.  Some want to be the alpha dog or cat, and may not even get along with other pets in the house.  Some will adapt quickly to a new situation, while others may have arrived at the shelter after being shuffled around, and are fearful.  Traumatized pets might need someone who has owned a pet before and feels comfortable accepting the responsibility of gaining the pet’s confidence.  Each pet is different, and each family is different.  Our adoption counselors may not always know what’s best for you, but they are trained to help make your decision easier.  All this takes time.

After you meet with an adoption counselor and discuss the kind of pet you are looking for, you will have the opportunity to meet the pet in a private room or in the outdoor play yard (for dogs).  Cat adoptions often can be done fairly quickly, but dog adoptions can take up to two hours. And, if you have another dog at home, we want you to bring your dog in and see if the two dogs get along.

So, adopting is not as quick as stopping by the supermarket to pick up a gallon of milk.  When choosing a pet who will soon be a cherished part of your family for a very long time, it’s best not to rush.   That’s why we ask that you allow enough time (up to 2 hours for dog adoptions) to complete the adoption process, and remember, Fridays and weekends are the busiest times, so you may have to wait to be helped.  The less time you allow before closing, the greater the odds are that you will have to come back the next day to complete the adoption.

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