Years ago we wanted a companion for our older lab, Prince, and so we visited NEAS. We ended up adopting Raleigh, even though we were told that Raleigh was active and the two dogs might not get along. Raleigh and Prince ended up being best friend, and they would lie on our deck, squished against each other.

Raleigh and Prince have since passed away, and we decided our home was too quiet, so we visited NEAS again. As we walked past cages of cute puppies, at last we came to the cage with the two dogs we had seen on the website. These older dogs were the reason for our visit, and after we met them, we were not disappointed.

We learned that Crymson and Dooley are 7 years old and have always lived together. They were just dumped off at a shelter in Georgia because their owner thought they were “too old” and were replaced by a younger dog. We knew at once these two dogs were the perfect pair for us. Dooley is such a lap dog and Crymson plays fetch.  We figured out Dooley is afraid to go out in the dark so we will work on this.  Crymson has no problem and runs around the yard no matter the weather. 

Both are mellow, easy going and so very huggable. All four of us are loving every minute together!