Please Donate to our Emergency Medical Fund

February 2016

Sonny and Cher – as they were later named – are two puppies who were abandoned near a dumpster along a rural Georgia road… cruelly discarded like trash. Little Cher was stumbling because she was missing her right front paw. They were scared, cold, and starving until one of our rescue partners showed up to help.

March 2016

Sonny has already been adopted, but we don’t want to leave Cher hobbling about trying to walk on a foot that isn’t there. We’ve had her looked at by a human prosthetic specialist, who says she can make a prosthetic paw for Cher. We are asking for donations so that Cher will be able to run and play, just like a normal dog.

March 2016

Cher got her prosthetic paw and her forever family too! It is going to take Cher some time to figure out how to walk on her prosthesis, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that she will learn to adapt.