I adopted Star from NEAS back in January of 2001. She was about 5 months old at the time. Star will be 16 years old next month. She is such a great dog and I am so grateful to NEAS for bringing us together. She is starting to slow down a bit (but so am I).

Star is a border collie/terrier mix. When she was a young dog, I belonged to an obedience training club. As a member of this club we participated in many exhibitions at the Topsfield Fair over the years. Star would always bring a smile to peoples faces because of her “terrier” behavior.

One year the dogs were lined up on one side of the ring for a long “sit and stay.” Star stayed and sat along with all the other dogs. The dogs were then called by their owners with the “Come” command. Well, Star came but she wiggled across the field on her belly right to me and then sat at my feet. The crowd roared laughing & that did not bother her one bit. She has always had her own unique way of doing things. I love her so much.