Darwin is such an intelligent dog. He learned so much from his foster caregiver in Georgia, who nurtured him until he was old enough to make the trip north.  

We are having such a wonderful time with him. At night, he sleeps in a play pen in our bedroom and I just need to tell him – “Sleep time, Darwin. Bed time.” – and within a few minutes, he is asleep. He likes to poop and pee outside and when inside, he prefers doing it on the pee pad which is wonderful. I take him out every 1 to 1.5 hours right now to do his business and play a little bit outside. We have had a few accidents which was expected considering how young he is, but generally, he has been awesome. 

He loves to spend time with us. He is so happy. When he gets playful, he is just so cute. He has so beautifully learned the command “Sit”. He also picked up “Fetch” so nicely yesterday. He also understands “No.” Can you imagine? He is just 2 months old and he can do all this! Of course, there are treats that he gets every time he does something right to encourage him. The treats help but more than the treats, his intelligence is the reason he is able learn so fast.

Darwin is so loving and affectionate. He loves getting a belly rub. It’s such a beautiful feeling to experience the unconditional love which a fur baby like Darwin can give. He is awesome and we love him so much. Thank you to both his foster caregiver and for Northeast Animal Shelter for all that you did for him.