Four years following a stroke that left him partially paralyzed and with a speech disability, my brother Christopher was able to move back out on his own. A year later he felt ready to welcome a cat into his home. He spent a lot of time researching on-line and visiting shelters in search of the perfect match.

One day, after a number of visits to NEAS he noticed on the website that they had just received a large number of kittens and cats. It seemed that the odds were in our favor for Chris to find a cat that would be a good fit for his situation.

However, it was school vacation week and many families had been in to adopt by the time we arrived the following evening. Great news for the 30+ dogs and cats that we were told had found homes!

We were preparing to leave but noticed info cards for a few cats hidden inside a locked room. One of the volunteers went to get the key so that we could take a look. We had been waiting for a while when Chris said he was going to take a seat in the lobby.

A few minutes later I went to join him but instead of waiting in the lobby, I saw him walking into another room. It had appeared empty earlier but Chris was now face-to-face with a white & grey short hair who was curled in a bed high up in the play area. Her purr could be heard from across the room as she head-butted him over and over.

Friendly and gentle, the 7-month-old had arrived from a foster situation in Georgia earlier in the week and went home with Chris that evening.

Renamed Whitey, she is a chatty girl who loves to chase her teaser toy and bat her string treats around the house, but also sits quietly with Chris while he watches television or works on his computer. They are a great pair who met at the perfect time!