Casper is now Romeo!! It took a few days to decide whether to change his name or not, but after getting to know him so well it was clear he is such a lover that he needed an appropriate name. 

Romeo has adjusted even better than I could’ve hoped.  He loves to bask in the sunny window and run up and down the halls.  He eats wet food twice a day and always has dry food in his bowl.  He is very healthy and seems to be very happy too. 

Casper the shy cat is gone and now we have Romeo, a very spunky and loving boy.  Every day when I get home he follows me around until the moment I leave again.  He’s become very social and is adjusting to meeting new people really well.  At first he was scared when friends would come over that he did not recognize; now he has no problem making sure all eyes (and hands) are on him. 

We’ve yet to introduce him to the cats and dog upstairs, but every single day he gets more and more adventurous and we’re hoping to introduce them this week.  Thank you so much for bringing this bundle of joy into my life, and taking such great care rescuing and taking care of him up until this point.  He’s become the highlight of my days and nights.

I admit that while signing the papers I was a little nervous that I was jumping the gun, but there is no doubt in my mind now that I couldn’t have made a better choice!  Keep up the amazing work you all are doing!!!