We are so lucky to have Duchess (now called Millie) as apart of our family.

She is doing great! She loves running around in the backyard and loves cuddling with us at night! Since the weather has been nicer we have been going for long walks together. She’s such a fun loving dog. She still nips but I know that that is normal since she is teething.

She recently graduated a puppy course at PetSmart! She sits, lays down and stays for her treats! We are going to continue with training either at PetSmart or with the list of trainers I was given by the shelter.

I had a great experience at the shelter! Everyone  was very kind and loving and if I ever decide to get another dog I will definitely go to Northeast Animal Shelter!

Millie is 20 lbs now and still growing! Thank you so much for allowing me to be her mom.  It means the world to me!