What was supposed to be a quick visit to just “look” turned into our adopting a sweet border collie mix guy! His name at the shelter was Trigger.  We were going to change it but it just stuck. We like to call him “Triggeman.”

After doing some research, I got in contact with Trigger’s foster parents in Georgia, and she said before he was with them, he was tied to a tree and neglected for the first few months of his life. But now he has a very loving home, lots of toys and playtime! He is super spoiled and happy! 🙂

Trigger is a very sweet and cuddly 1-year-old. His favorite things to do are play ball, chase squirrels, lasers, and run as fast as he can! He’s a very smart guy! In the morning, he pulls the covers off the bed, and brings up a leash and a shoe to tell us it’s time to play outside!

Trigger loves walking around downtown Salem, and he always walks straight to his favorite store, New England Dog Biscuit Company. Thanks NEAS for my sweet boy!