We love our puppy! We changed her name from Buttercup to Morgana Le Fur, Destroyer of Toys (but just Morgan for short), since there is no toy that has been able to withstand her voracious appetite.

She has her own Facebook page! She is sweet and adorable, which is a good thing, since she is also a power-chewer. We go almost daily to a dog park in Andover, where she loves to race around with other dogs, and dig. When we went on one of our favorite walks, to Woodsom Farm in Amesbury, she spent her first day at the riverbed digging up and eating worms – yum! She went camping with us, and was really super.

She loves her big brother Marley – they snuggle and sleep together lots. This is a picture of Morgan using Marley as a pillow. Thanks for helping us get our puppy.