We adopted Gigi in December of 2016. In her 2 short years on earth, she had lived in the woods of Virginia and was later adopted along with her sister by a family in New England. Unfortunately, it became clear Gigi and her sis were a bit of a handful and were returned after a year.

My husband wanted a friend for our Yorkie, Charlie, and had planned on naming our prospective pup Georgia (Gigi for short). Walking through the shelter I came across and small aspotted dog who quickly bared her belly for a rubbing. I look up and realized her name was already Gigi. It felt like some kind of heavenly intervention – I knew this little girl was coming home with us.

Gigi made herself right at home. I will admit that she had some rough edges. She wasn’t used to going for walks and was very protective of her things. But between my husband, myself, and Charlie, we helped her come out of her shell. Now she is the sweetest, gentlest nut in the world. We love how she has retained a bit of a wild side that keeps us on our toes and cracking up laughing.

We recently moved to Miami with both dogs and they are loving it. Now they go to daycare at a horse ranch where they get to run free with other dogs. Gigi has made our little family whole. We almost don’t remember what life was without her.

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to open up our home to our little Tenacious G.