Kay is doing wonderful!  Our family mantra has always been “Don’t forget where you came from, but never lose sight of where you are going” so, Kay’s new name is Georgia, and wow is she going places!  We have big dreams for Georgia who is without question part hound, she can sniff out anything and at the moment she is the best Flip-Flop Search and Rescue dog in the world, hands down!

She started off quite nervous in her new home but has quickly adjusted and claimed her spot on my lap!  She has a new friend next door, Lexie the lab! Georgia is now 20 lbs, Lexie is about 80 lbs but they seem to have hit it off, size definitely doesn’t matter!  Except with cars, those are still very scary.  They are so big and loud but Georgia has recently discovered that there are treats hiding all over the car so maybe soon we will be off on a joy ride!  She enjoys treats and loves breakfast and dinner time; however she also enjoys eating ants.  Guessing maybe they are a southern delicacy? 😂Eventually she will realize that peanut butter is better! 
Sweet Georgia, she is a wild child but also a snuggly one!