Toby (adopted October 22nd and formally known as Konner) is a whole new dog and loving life! The first few days he was extremely timid, scared and shy, and would not even go on a walk around the block. Now he loves meeting new people (and their furry, four-legged friends), sleeps through the night in Mom and Dad’s bed, is king of his new back-yard and has 11 best friends at doggie daycare!

He loves walks, but still needs to learn to not pull. He must have had some previous training though, because he’s pretty good at sitting on command (or without even being commanded!), and mostly does his business outside. Mom and Dad are working on new commands like “Paw” and “Down”, but Toby is more interested in the treat in their hand to master them yet.

Overall, we are so happy we adopted Toby and can’t imagine life without him. Our friends and family love him too, and the comment we hear most is how friendly he is! He’s accumulated a few nick-names with our friends and family too: Tobes, Toblerone, Tobe-City and Toby-Wan-Kenobi. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter for allowing us to bring him into our lives!