Hello my name is Oliver. I was adopted on Nov. 8th and I weighed in at 5 lbs. My new parents were going to change my name as soon as a good one came to mind.

As soon as I was at my new home I started crying for food. I was always hungry and crying for food over the next few days. Dad thought it was funny and it reminded him of the movie Oliver where the little boy asked, ” Please Sir, I would like some more. ”

Well the name stuck but I do have a nickname… Hellion ( pronounced hel-yen ). I have to lookup the meaning someday.

I have a buddy called Buster who I enjoy sleeping with and playing with. I love to pounce on him from above but we are pals.  I have two pet beds and two people beds to choose from and two condos to scratch and play with.

I was given lots of toys but my favorites are that red laser dot that I just can’t catch, Dad’s socks, and my buddy Buster.

I saw a nice person called a vet on Nov. 23rd. I gained a little weight ( I’m now 6.25lbs ), and loved meeting all the people and other animals. As soon as I learn not to try and bite everything called a mouse I may start my own facebook page. Right now I’m just using a keyboard and a tab button. i will try to keep everyone updated as to how I am doing. Gotta go, that red light is going around the floor and this time I’m gonna get it.