Tebow is doing great!  We renamed him Louie, and he is such a wonderful addition to our family.  He is especially close with my younger son, as you can see.  He is the friendliest dog ever, and is super affectionate with everyone he meets.  He gives tons of kisses and rolls onto his back for a belly rubs all the time.   

He and I attend some basic training classes at Petsmart on the weekends, but I think it benefits him more socially than behaviorally.  He loves to greet and sniff all the other dogs.  He actually was fairly well-trained when he came to us – never has any accidents in the house, comes when he’s called (once he learned his new name), etc.  He did just figure out how to crawl underneath our backyard fence and into the neighbor’s yard – so we are working to solve that!  

We had a great experience with NEAS.  I had thought it would be tough for us to find the right fit for our family, but it turned out to be incredibly easy! We feel so lucky to have adopted such a wonderful dog!