Scout (formerly Dottie) has been a great new addition to our home. Our first weeks have gone very well. She’s energetic, loving, and loves falling asleep in front of the fireplace. She’s gotten used to being part of our family very quickly, and we’re happy to have her. She’s doing well with housebreaking, and is easy to redirect if she begins chewing something she shouldn’t.

She’s very smart, silly and always wants to be near her people. She enjoys walks, treats and eating ice, though she doesn’t always like going outside in the cold. Favorites include destroying stuffed toys, falling asleep in your arms, doing somersaults, mealtimes, and ham. She’s enjoying getting to know our backyard with all the different smells, and has made friends with our neighbor dog, too. Scout always seems lie down on top of our feet whenever we’re trying to get chores done, and loves being in the kitchen when we cook. We’re very happy with our new friend!