Mr. bo Banner (formerly Nickel) came to us when my family was in a very sad spot. We had recently lost our father in June (Tanner was adopted in October) and we were hurting all around. The family rarely connected and everything seemed to move in slow motion. I decided that enough was enough and headed down to Northeast Animal Shelter to meet some pups.

Tanner had caught my eye as he was snuggled up in a big bean bag, looking as sad as can be. Fast forward, our happy pup is always smiling, getting pampered by the family and getting new, plushy beds every other week (not to mention his fav pig ears). He loves people and has given other family friends’ pets kisses (bunnies and cats). Always full of life, our pup enjoys dressing up or spending the morning cuddling. Tanner has brought the family even closer than before and every day spent with him puts a smile on everyones faces. We’re so thankful to have him in our lives!