We were looking for the perfect dog to share our new house and lake with. We searched and searched. One day we happened to see Marley on Facebook. There were pictures of her and shelter volunteer Celia on a Field Trip to the beach. We fell in love with her face and smile.

We called the shelter on a Friday night to see if she was available, and she was. We made the long drive out to Salem first thing in the morning, eagerly looking through all of the cages for Marley. Well, we found Marley. She had tipped over her bed, spilled her food all over the place and started to tear apart her blanket. She was barking so loud that people were scurrying by, not even giving her a second look.

I sat on the floor in front of her cage, talking to her for a few minutes. She started to calm down and actually sat down like she was listening. We found a Volunteer and asked to meet her. We were told ahead of time-“She has her people, take your time. If she likes you you’ll know.” She was rambunctious while the volunteer walked her outside. We got to one of the huge fenced in areas and they let her off the leash. She immediately ran over to the pool and started splashing in it. I sat down on the grass, letting her do her thing. A few minutes later she came running over to me with the biggest smile on her face and sat down on my lap, soaking wet still from the pool. The volunteer said “I think she likes you”.

The rest is history. Well fast forward to almost 2 years later and this is Marley. She’s a spoiled pup, has her very own lake to swim in and woods to run through. She makes me and my wife smile every day. We are forever thankful to Northeast Animal Shelter, Celia & all of the other volunteers that helped rescue this sweet Georgian Peach.

Thank you!