For more than a year we discussed an impending adoption – living with the motto, “When it’s the right time, she will be there waiting for us. We’re never going to ‘miss’ OUR pup”. When we arrived at NEAS on a snowy January evening around 6pm – looking to just start the process – we knew we would find her. We were greeted and informed that they had just released 30+ puppies and we could hop in with the group that was going in right this very moment. It already felt like fate. We walked around the room slowly spending a minute or two looking at each pup, seeing if there was a connection. At some point there was a little group piling up so I kept moving beyond them – stopping at the next to last crate, the one on the bottom holding a little grey & black Catahoula girl. I beckoned for him and when he replied “I’m making my way over” as he continued to look in the other cages along the way …I emphatically answered “No, come HERE!”. And that was it. We returned at 10am the next day to take Carmen (now, Sadie) to her forever home.

We couldn’t be more in love with this little girl. She bonded with us immediately, is as smart as they come and loves the water so much she even tries to steal some shower time! She’s already gone on her first vacation & successfully visited several breweries. Sadie is her brothers’ little league team’s mascot and and impressed everyone at her puppy training class. She’s smart, gentle, super high energy, funny and memorable. She was meant to be with us and us with her. We’re honored to watch her grow and learn.

Thank you NEAS to brining our girl to us. We had a great experience and recommend you to everyone!