We rescued Serena when she was just a babe of 3 months old…She turned 1 in May and in this past year we had many ups and downs in our family. She came into a home with a senior cat and an ill adult dog.We lost both of those animals to cancer, so we got Serena a new friend; a puppy that she could grow up with.

Little did we know they would become the funniest little pairing. Our hearts will always hold a special place for the 2 we crossed, but Serena was there for us, as young and as small as she was. So when she needed to have her tail amputated we were all there for her. The vets decided she was in constant pain from a malformation, and sure enough after surgery our vet called me in awe of how badly it was deformed and how much happier of a cat she will be.

He was right and she has found a new love of walking outside on her harness and playing with her puppy friend that now out weighs her at 65 lbs.