Ziggy may have never known human kindness

Perhaps you heard about Ziggy, the tiny Yorkie found whimpering on the street and brought to our Shelter in need of urgent medical care. Judging by his horrendous condition, Ziggy may have never known human kindness until the day our medical team removed the matted, knotted fur that entangled his mutilated hind leg.

Once he was shaved, we discovered his leg had a severe infection and had to be amputated, and his teeth were so rotten that all but one had to be removed. It was heartbreaking to imagine the pain he must have been in.

To help him heal, we sent Ziggy home with one of our most trusted foster families – and they fell in love! His sweet and friendly disposition immediately won them over.

“Ziggy stole our hearts the minute we saw him and when we heard his story, it only made our love grow stronger!,” said Ziggy’s adopter. “ At that point we looked at each other and said ‘ he’s coming home with us forever!’ And we are all living happily ever after!” 

Ziggy, now known as Eddie, has finally found a home of his own! He spends his days playing with his new sister and fellow NEAS alumni, Ruby, in the back yard or curled up on the couch snuggling with his family. Thanks to his new parents, he will now know human kindness for the rest of his days.