My wife and I were looking for the perfect dog. After going through multiple adoption agencies, we did not receive a response due to the busy and aggressive schedule that those programs carry with it. We wanted to go to a rescue shelter and adopt the same day. We were ready. We went to two different shelters and they both would not let us even meet the dog we were interested in. Luckily we found Northeast Animal Shelter!

The experience we got here was better than we could have imagined! We found the next member of our little family to be a lab mix puppy! She was 3 months when we adopted her. Her name was Addie, but my wife and I thought she looked more like a Cali. Not to mention I have a niece with the nickname Addie already, so Cali is now her name.

Cali was 3 months old and about 8.5 pounds. She is now approaching 4 months and at whopping 20.4 lbs! She is so smart, in less than 2 weeks she was able to sit, lay down, stand up on hind legs, and shake paws!! She is the greatest pup we could have ever wished for! Its cliche, but we truly believe she rescued us!

THANK YOU NEAS!!! We will be back to adopt a sibling for Cali in the future!