August 6, 2019 Galaxy became a member of our family. On the first night, as recommended I had him stay in the bathroom. This was his one room until he got adjusted to our home.

That night I heard his cries and couldn’t ignore him. I brought in my pillow and blanket, he curled up on me and slept the rest of the night!  I let him explore my bedroom the next day, by that night he was sleeping by my side all night long.

He is AMAZING with children, he really does put up a lot with the little ones!

Galaxy is super cuddly, comes to me most of the time when I call him and he purrs all the time!! By day four he was exploring around the entire house without any problems.

Did I mention kisses? Well he loves to do that and even waits by the door when I come home. I truly enjoy playing with him! Galaxy just had his first check up, he is a very happy and healthy kitty.

I am so grateful to everyone at the shelter for making this possible.Thank you for all you do and Thank you for making our home complete again.