My boyfriend and I first found Lily while exploring the NEAS website. We were moving from a tiny no-pets apartment in Boston to the suburbs and were incredibly excited to adopt our first dog together. About two weeks before we moved, my boyfriend sent me Lily’s picture from the website and I immediately fell in love. I was so sad we couldn’t drive right over and adopt her that day! As we looked through Lily’s photos and read about her difficult journey, I felt more and more attached, but we still had two weeks until we moved! WeI started checking the website everyday, multiple times a day to see if Lily had been adopted. As it came closer and closer to our move date, Lily was still at the shelter waiting for her new family.

Finally, the day after we completed our move, we drove out to Salem to be there right when the shelter opened. As we drove over we worried that Lily would have already been adopted, I mean look how cute she is! When we got to the shelter, we knew exactly who we were looking for, and there she was! Lily was lounging in her kennel chewing on her paper food bowl, we looked at each other and smiled.

Fast forward a few weeks and Lily now lounges around our apartment sometimes on one of her many dog beds, but mostly on the couch and the queen bed (fit for her royal highness of course). Lily is an absolute love and is adjusting very well to her forever home. We ask ourselves everyday how she was in the shelter for so long, she is simply an amazing dog. Other than lounging around, Lily’s favorite pastimes include taking walks (and getting better at leash training), learning to “lay down,” meeting new people, and cuddling her humans. The best time of day is cuddling in bed with Lily after her morning walk, she gets right up next to me and uses all the pillows!

All Lily wants is to love and be loved. We are so grateful to everyone at NEAS for allowing us to receive the unconditional love that only a shelter dog can provide, and give that love right back in return to our beautiful girl! Lily had a rough start to life, but her future is very bright!

Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!