We hit the jackpot when we adopted Poppy and Luna! They are remarkably sweet and loving, and are both so eager to please. We feel really lucky to have them.
Of course there were issues during the initial adjustment period. Sometimes I didn’t recognize their need to go out and ended up with messes to clean up, but that didn’t last long: they did a good job training me to pay better attention LOL.  Both dogs, but especially Poppy, wanted – at first – to be with us constantly and, even better, to be licking us. It’s taken a while, but they’re comfortable being independent of us now and have pretty good respect for the fact we don’t care for dog licking. 
We take the dogs out for 2 to 3 mile walks several times a week. They love, love, love racing along the trails and “hunting” for squirrels. 
Thank you for the great work you’re doing at the Northeast Animal Shelter. We are very grateful for the gift of these two pups in our lives.