My partner Rob and I adopted Beans (formerly John J.) from NEAS on October 12th, 2019. He’s an absolute LOVE, and such a smart boy.

After about a week at home, he had completely opened up to us and our space. Beans loves to play – with breaks for lots of pets and head scratchies, of course. He has a pigeon-like meow that is so endearing, which he uses to tell us all about how much he loves his worm toy, and how his day has been so far.

When he’s not playing, he will join us on the couch for a nap right next to us. He’s a very loving, curious companion.

Though he’s only been with us for a few months, we feel so connected to him. We are so lucky to have found our boy, and we are so grateful to NEAS for their work and for helping to unite us!!