Thanks NEAS for connecting me with such a great companion! Binx is lively yet cuddly, loyal yet independent, silly yet graceful. He’s utterly fearless and so easy going that he settled into his new home almost immediately and proceeded to explore, attack or devour pretty much everything he could get his playful little paws on. His kittenish antics have even converted my father into a cat person.

My favorite part of the day is in the evenings when Binx has played himself into a stupor and is ready for some down time. Then he stretches out along my chest with his head on the pillow next to mine and dozes. I call it teddy bear cuddles.

As far as mischief goes, he likes to walk (or sprint) across every horizontal surface he can find, no matter how high or full of breakable objects it may be. He also wasted no time in tearing to shreds the plastic insulation on every single window. As a result, the temperature in our house might be a little colder this winter but the atmosphere is infinitely warmer thanks to him.