I had been thinking about a dog since our family dog had passed. Looking at the rescues daily, I was waiting for one to really grab hold of me, and then I saw little “Billy” from Texas.

I went one Saturday morning to see him and instantly we had a connection. The smallest of his litter but certainly made up for it in energy and love; he was the one.

Now known as Dexter, he has taken to our new life together remarkably well. Everyone who meets him cannot believe how handsome and sweet this little man is. He is full of even more puppy energy and equal parts love, and is really taking to his new home and routine.

Dexter is quite the athlete – super fast and has a future in the Doggy Olympic high jump. He loves to play fetch and run around the house, chase leaves outside, curl up to nap anywhere he can find a spot on you, and is doing well potty training and learning commands. He has already solidified his place in our family and our hearts, forever.