I adopted Winston at the end of February, 2020 and was so pleased with Northeast Animal Shelter and their process. It was marvelous the level of detail they go into to try to ensure that everyone is happy and healthy upon adoption. They were truly wonderful, many shelters do not go to nearly the same lengths to ensure everyone is happy and health and ready to enjoy their forever homes.

My little angel took a while to come out of his shell; he was very scared at first and shy, liked to hide. He had just arrived at the shelter from Georgia a day or two before, and had been through a lot!

About two days after coming home with me and getting used to our new life, he burst out of his shell, and is a bundle of joy and completely steals everyone’s hearts he meets. He is happy, playful, healthy, and the absolute love of my life. Such a joy!

Thank you, Northeast Animal Shelter!!

Love, Nicole and Winston