Hurricane, redubbed Sgt. Pepper and now just Pepper, is doing fabulously! She’s about 15 weeks old now and has packed on about 11 lbs and four inches since we adopted her on March 13th. She’s a wonderful addition to our household at a particularly weird time! 
Pepper is just as sweet as when we met her; she’s 95% sweet and 5% hangry but just around 5pm…but so am I so I can’t really judge. She’s a cheerful little pup who has turned into a sneaky little sock thief who chases sun spots, lives for peanut butter and the chance to attack green plants, and would prefer to cuddle at least 26 out of 24 hours in a day. We’re still trying to get her used to crate training but she’s doing well for the most part with house training, sleeps through the night, and no matter what, truly, madly, deeply hates the rain. We’re pretty sure she’s part cat. She’s already mastered sit, stay, come, lie down, roll over, and the crowd pleaser: a high five. Occasionally when you’re not paying attention to her she’ll sneak up behind you and tap you on the shoulder or leg with her paw. She’s offered to be the flower girl at our wedding, but we’re pretty sure she just wants to eat the flowers… 
We’re trying to ignore her as much as we can despite being with her all the time so we don’t turn her into a sociopath, but man…she’s pretty cute and hard to ignore! 
We had a really wonderfully positive (pawsitive?) experience with your shelter and are so, so happy and lucky to have met Pepper.