Sir Brutus is doing GREAT!!!! We are actually shocked to how well he has adjusted. That night we came home with him he was exploring the family room within 10 minutes of being there. Even crawled into a basket and let me pat his head. We moved him upstairs to the office after that first night because it was quieter and he liked to sleep on my sweaters.

After a few days we opened the door to see if he wanted to explore because he was sitting at the door when we opened it. He stayed upstairs on his own and would make his way to the guest room with me and hang out on the bed while I watched tv. Within the week he was sleeping with us in bed!

He is full of purrs, gives endless head butts to me and talks to us all the time. He is also quite playful. We will be downstairs and we can hear him running back and forth in the hallway upstairs chasing his toys. He hangs out on the couch with us now, crawls on my lap to snuggle and let’s me hold him. He is still a bit nervous of my husband but he sleeps on his legs each night so he can’t find him all that bad 🙂

We are guessing he probably lived in an apartment because he’s not too great going up the stairs and is unsure of windows but has started laying in the windowsill to get fresh air. He also was putting himself to bed at 8pm and talking to us at 5:30am so maybe was used to an older person’s schedule, ha. If he ever gets scared (vacuuming) he will hide under the bed covers. Other than that he is quite social now, gentle when taking treats, and loves to eat.