Coco is now named Jolene. She is a very sweet cuddle bug!  She is eating and sleeping well in my bed and I am very happy with her. 

 She loves the beach, it is totally her happy place.I am definitely her favorite person and she has started to become a little wild and crazy when she is excited because of my arrival home. Puppy-ish behavior like jumping and flailing paws in your face but she means well and is still super sweet.  She is very calm otherwise.  She is very fearful about noises like thunder and cars and motorcycles…you can tell this is a whole new world to her!  When I first brought her home I turned on a ceiling fan and she nearly jumped out of her skin!  Same thing the first time I had to use windshield wipers in the car.  But if I tell her its ok, she feels better immediately.

She has made a couple of dog friends who she plays and has fun with. She is a smart girl and it was easy to teach her sit and to jump in and out of the car!