When I went into NEAS back in September of 2015, I was looking for a kitten. While walking through my eyes locked on this beautiful cat named Toby (named by the shelter).

I will never forget his eyes staring at me thru the cage.

Some of the staff told me he had behavioral issues and maybe I would want someone different. They feared he would not make a good companion but I knew right away this was the one for me.

Within minutes of bringing him home he began to play and bolt around. The very first night he slept beside me.
Butterscotch does suffer from separation anxiety (from his previous home before being found on the streets) so he follows me from room to room and when I go out I try to do short times away because he will hide until I come back. When we go out to his vet appts and grooming appts he has a prescription to relax his anxiety.

When I’m home during the day he loves to nap on my legs, He has the best personality and makes me laugh every day. He’s obsessed with water (as warned by the shelter) so I got him a water fountain which he loves playing in. He’s very photogenic and stares right at the camera to strike a pose.

I am disabled and live alone so having Butterscotch with me every day completes my life.I don’t know what I would do without him.