Our family is overwhelmed by how incredibly lucky we are to have Bodhi (formerly known as Elfy) as part of our lives. He is so happy and healthy and is still growing! First of all, he’s so handsome. People stop us all the time and compliment him and we also can’t get enough of how good looking he is. He’s very healthy! We are the “outdoorsy” type, so he is taken for a lot of walks. He also goes on a few hikes a week and loves the woods, lakes, and trails! He’s gotten over his very mischievous puppy phase, but he definitely likes to get our attention by chewing something he knows will get us to notice him. He LOVES other dogs, from pups to grown larger dogs, and has some local friends that come over to visit him in our backyard and vice-vera. Chasing squirrels and rabbits is his thing, too. We also think he has some friends in Asia, as he seems to be digging a few tunnels in our yard to meet them. We took him to puppy training school, so he’s well behaved and well trained. We had a fantastic experience at NEAS. Thank you from all of us. You were accommodating, knowledgable, and made the process easy.