While we were all sheltering in place, a young cat named Kona sought refuge in an abandoned house in Massachusetts, along with her mother and three littermates. 


By the time they were discovered and rescued, it was clear that Kona was pregnant and needed a quiet, safe place to prepare for her kittens. 

One of our caring foster homes was happy to provide Kona with the nurturing environment she needed until she was ready to give birth.  And she immediately won them over with her sweet personality – even making friends with the resident dog!  Her foster family describes Kona as the “biggest lovebug.”

A month later, Kona gave birth to three beautiful little kittens: Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. After two of her kittens received medical treatment for health issues, Kona and her family were made available for adoption. These adorable felines have all found loving permanent homes and will lead happy, healthy lives.