Samadi, now named Gordie, is doing great! We are absolutely in love with him. He is our spoiled little “fur-child”. When we first brought Gordie home, he was very shy and fearful of new experiences and was terrified of walking anywhere he could hear or see moving cars. He was also very scared of other dogs and people that he was not used to. We have spent a lot of time working on things and he has gotten a lot better! He now has a crew of doggy friends and goes to daycare twice a week to help socialize. While Gordie has some trouble trusting new people, once he does he is loyal and loving as can be! He loves his puppy best friends, an Australian shepherd mix and a husky, and will play and chase all day with them. Some of Gordie’s favorite things are driving with his head out the window, going on hikes, and running around at the beach. Despite having disliked the sound of cars earlier in life, he now loves car rides and enjoys going on boats (better place to ‘birdwatch’ and bark at seagulls!). 
We decided to get Gordie DNA tested with Embark, and the results were not what we thought – our little “hound” ended up being anything but! He is just under 8 months and already 70 pounds, we all have bets on how big he will be full grown. We absolutely love Gordie and are so happy to have him in our lives.